Split Flow Emergency Department, Results Waiting Area Overlook Medical Center
Summit, New Jersey

As part of an multi-phased renovations of the Emergency Department, the hospital sought to transform the patient intake and evaluation process by creating an intake pod immediately adjacent to the walk-in entrance and patient greeting.  The intake area provides team evaluations of patients from which patients proceed to testing, imaging, a treatment room or the Results Waiting Area.

The 16-chair Results Waiting area provides comfortable and private waiting for patients through the use of the Steelcase Brody seating pod.  The first use of the Brody in a healthcare setting, the seating pod provides a comfortable area for patients to wait with privacy, storage, power and data for connectivity.  Auxiliary seating provides additional locations for patients and families to wait as well.  A small pod of 4 pods provides a quiet corner for pediatric patients.

The central charting area is adjacent to the Intake exam Area charting area providing staff to flex back and forth to both areas and the decorative windows provide both a touch of comfort for the patient while providing staff visualization to the patients from the intake corridor as well.