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Our Approach:

Small-firm style personalized service‘ while offering ‘large firm design experience‘ by ‘senior level staff‘ is the way we approach each project, for every client.

From small renovations to large scale master plans, we approach each with our undivided focus, time and attention by following several key principles:

  1. Principal level involvement in all aspects of every project;
  2. Staff continuity from planning to punch list;
  3. Understanding your current and future program needs which is ‘the foundation of an enduring design’;
  4. Long-lasting and timeless solutions are those that are functional, flexible and aesthetically pleasing;
  5. Mechanical, electrical and technology systems shall be site specific, integrated and designed with ‘an eye toward the future’;
  6. Every project has both fiscal limitations and opportunities; and…
  7. Know the existing conditions completely through a detailed field survey!

Before we put ‘pencil to paper’ to develop any design, we first completely examine and understand your project, your goals, your facilities and your operations ‘like they were our own‘!

We are deliberately staffed and structured to work this way and it is how we think, act and approach projects every day.  The complex challenges posed by healthcare projects demand it.  The solutions developed from this approach result in true value for our clients, and long-standing client relationships for Buckl Architects!