Pediatric Specialties Offices Overlook Medical Center
Summit, N.J.

The hospital sought to consolidate 10 varied pediatric specialties within a single location in order to maximize patient convenience and staff/physician collaboration. The challenge was to create space that served such diverse practices yet provided flexible scheduling to maximize its use. The waiting area, which typifies the approach to the entire unit, is welcoming, bright and child-friendly.

Once registered, patients move to intake rooms on each wing prior to arriving at their exam/consult room. Colorful cut-outs around doors and light fixtures, along with a vibrant checker board floor pattern create a playful feel to the corridors and exam rooms. Their new space will allow these programs to grow, treating patients in a comfortable, fun environment which is vital for their healing and recovery.

Ready to open in March 2010, this project includes 4 distinct pediatric specialty units including eating disorders, the Valerie Center for oncology treatment, pediatric surgery and a multi-specialty clinic with distinct areas for neurology, cardiac, GI and general patient visits. The suites are designed to be able to flex up and down into each other for scheduling flexibility. The finishes were kept quite lively and fun to reflect the energy of the pediatric patients and to create a sense of fun and distraction for them as they ‘see the doctor’. The exam room style combines areas for exams and consults, and provides a comfortable banquette for family and sibling seating.