Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The design created a new entry that combined utility and a fresh new look. The original concrete canopy was removed and replaced with a new second floor addition that also served as the building’s main entrance. All of the existing pre-cast concrete wall panels were replaced with a new energy efficient aluminum curtain wall system.  The main foyer was redesigned to present the “image” of a vocational school, be easy to maintain and to withstand the impact of the students. Plastic laminate wall panels, metal anodized ceilings and industrial lighting helped achieve the design intent.  In addition to major renovations such the roof replacement, entryway and mechanical systems, the project also included interior renovations throughout the building. Original doors, windows, ceilings, flooring, lighting and other elements were replaced. All student and faculty toilet rooms in the building were completely replaced with new ceramic tile floors and walls, partitions and ADA compliant fixtures.